Small businesses have the power to transform and change their communities and regions. Moorhead Business Association’s mission is to support small businesses and entrepreneurs at any step of their growth.

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MBA's Mission

Moorhead Business Associations member businesses span across Minnesota and North Dakota. Every day we serve our member businesses by facilitating connections, providing information and notifying our members of available programs. MBA will work with you at any stage of your businesses development.



Moorhead Business Association advocates between our public and private member partners to best connect and support our community.

Moorhead Business Association's board is all member based.

The MBA board serves on a number of other board and leadership committees including Economic Development Authority (EDA), Downtown Moorhead Inc., Moorhead Community Fund Committee, The Chamber Ribbon Cuttings, The Chamber Ambassador, Concordia College Resilience Task Force Committee, and Moorhead Park & Recreation.

Taking businesses to the next level!

The Moorhead Business Association (MBA) fosters growth of Moorhead business through advocacy, networking and information.

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This passport helps you get involved and see different ways to participate as an MBA member.

Let's Talk Business

Let's Talk Business is a weekly meeting that shines the focus on a member each week. MBA members have been meeting weekly for over 12 years!

Moorhead Alliance of Nonprofits

The Alliance of Nonprofits Meets the last Monday of each month!

Student Membership

If a student volunteers for 1 MBA event they receive a free membership for 1 year.

Our Mission

MBA where businesses, neighbors, friends and problem solvers share ideas, take action and support each other.

Moorhead Business Association connects people. We have over 325 businesses and 500+ contacts across Minnesota and North Dakota, to learn more about MBA's advocacy, our diverse membership, and the action taken locally reach out for details. Sheri@mhdmba.org


Check out a 560 Connect!

The connections we make are at the core of all business. When we connect with others, we have the ability to form relationships, collaborate, support, and together -- rise up! The idea of 560 Connect is simply that. To network and make connections in a fun, informal environment where you can be yourself!

A Legacy of community building.

The MBA is committed to building a better place to conduct business by enhancing current business and by creating a community atmosphere, which helps encourage new business.

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702 Communications

702 Communications

Moorhead American Legion

Moorhead American Legion

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About MBA

The Moorhead Business Association (MBA) fosters growth of Moorhead business and member businesses through advocacy, networking and information.