JT Froning, Legacy Plumbing


 The Moorhead Business Association is small but mighty as they tend to be David in the battle versus Goliath. Yet every day in every way they show up to show off organizations throughout our community. Sheri & Alisha become have become an extension of our business as they 

advocate, educate & share the Legacy Mission. They are our cheerleaders, and they continue to connect us with opportunities. Team Legacy is extremely proud to be a member of the MBA & we are even more Grateful for Sheri & Alisha’s commitment to helping our community thrive.

Shawn Hagen, Simple Website Creations


I have had great experiences with the MBA and networking. The staff are receptive to giving ideas and are always available. Good people, good times.

Mike Edenborg, Magnifi Financial


I can’t say enough how powerful it is to provide this information in such a timely manner, hot off the press. You have become the one stop source for all the information a Moorhead business owner needs. Keep up the great work! Even if you only receive the regular e-mails, you can’t afford not to be a member!

Dan Jacobson, Jacobson Media & Events


One of the hardest jobs of a business is to stay relevant in your market and find the links to grow… So many times I hear business owners say, I didn’t know… MBA keeps businesses in the loop and knows all the connections to make you your best. 

Growing together is amazing, let’s all grow!

Kim Schlotfeldt, Kvamme Real Estate


The MBA is like my family. The people are great, helpful and want to see you succeed in whatever your business is. Whether you are a one person show or have several employees, the MBA can help you. Connections, let me tell you, there are so many your head will spin! For the Non-Profits, you will get 10 fold out of your membership. So, join the MBA, don't delay. We are an awesome group of people helping people who genuinely care about each other's businesses! Call me, text me or DM me and we can grab coffee. I'd love to share with you more about the MBA!

Brett Oertli, Oertli State Farm


I love being an active member in the MBA. It has help me connect with not only the business community but the entire F-M community. I have built business relationships and even better personal relationships. Joining the MBA has been one of the best decisions I have made as a business owner.

Maddie Craig, Blue Cypher Bookkeeping


I love being a part of the MBA because it’s so community focused. They really do a great job of bringing together local businesses and the community in general.

I’ve gotten to know some great individuals thanks to attending MBA events and being part of the group and they put on some awesome events like the 4th of July fireworks show!

The MBA embodies the passion I, and others, all share for our local community and continuing to support local businesses.