I love being a part of the MBA because it’s so community focused. They really do a great job of bringing together local businesses and the community in general. I’ve gotten to know some great individuals thanks to attending MBA events and being part of the group and they put on some awesome events like the 4th of July fireworks show! The MBA embodies the passion I, and others, all share for our local community and continuing to support local businesses.

Maddie Craig

Owner, Blue Cypher Bookkeeping

“One of the hardest jobs of a business is to stay relevant in your market and find the links to grow… So many times I hear business owners say, I didn’t know… MBA keeps businesses in the loop and knows all the connections to make you your best. 

Growing together is amazing, let’s all grow!”

Dan Jacobson

Owner, Jacobson Media & Events

“I can’t say enough how powerful it is to provide this information in such a timely manner, hot off the press. You have become the one stop source for all the information a Moorhead business owner needs. Keep up the great work! Even if you only receive the regular e-mails, you can’t afford not to be a member.”

Michael Edenborg

Mortgage Lender, Magnifi Financial

I am so appreciative of the work the Moorhead Business Association does in fostering a spirited business community throughout Moorhead. I commend them on their leadership in developing and advocating for the business sector and now the nonprofit sector with their Moorhead Alliance of Nonprofits group. The MBA has provided me with resources and connections that are invaluable! Thank you for everything you do for our greater Moorhead community!

Brittney Hogan

President, Moorhead Alliance of Nonprofits

Everyone at the MBA is incredibly connected to our community. The events they are involved in help all members build beneficial relationships with other area businesses and members of our community. Their dedication to their members provides any business opportunity for sales and growth.

Josh Christy

CEO/Owner, Codelation