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  • CALL TO ATTENTION- Reach out to your City Council Members.

CALL TO ATTENTION- Reach out to your City Council Members.

  • 10 Jan 2020
  • 1:30 PM


Call to Attention: please reach out to your City Council Members.


This letter was sent to the Mayor and City Council this morning.


To all City of Moorhead Commissioners:

Just this week we learned of 2 openings on the Moorhead Public Service Commission board of directors.  At nearly the same time we also hear that John Rogalla would not be reappointed and that plans were in place for City Commissioners to appoint themselves into those positions. 

We would ask you to reconsider that approach and look for qualified individuals within your wards to fill the MPS roles.  Appointing yourselves to a second paid position within the city, while not prohibited, raises so many questions of ethics, trust, and does point to some unknown conspiracy on behalf of the City Commissioners! 

MPS has operated for decades as an independent branch of the City quietly going about its business of providing reliable electrical power and clean water to the businesses and residents of Moorhead all while contributing significant revenue to the City.  We would like that independence to remain and for MPS to operate as they have for many years.

Thank you and Moorhead Proud,

Sheri Larson

Executive Director

Moorhead Business Association

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